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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The FieldConnect mobile workforce platform is a whole-business solution that streamlines communication to improve workflow efficiency.   The ability to connect immediately and reliably is key to driving productivity, flexibility, and operational efficiency.

One fundamental aspect of choosing a mobility solution is its ability to integrate with the software you already have.  FieldConnect integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics (AX, GP, NAV, & SL), Sage Construction and Real Estate or Trade Specialty, and Viewpoint Construction Software’s Viewpoint V6, automating the last mile between field technicians, customers, and the back office, bringing service organizations to a new level of efficiency and profitability.

FieldConnect’s suite of mobility solutions includes:

·         FieldAccess mobile technician software

·         FieldDispatch robust calendaring and scheduling tools

·         FieldDirect customer portals

·         FieldTime electronic timecards

·         FieldQuotes instant and accurate quoting application

·         FieldProject time and expense management

With FieldConnect, field technicians receive real-time dispatch instructions, routing information to their first job of the day, and instantly access repair manuals and service codes from a tablet while sitting at the breakfast table.

Customers request service and view job statuses and before-and-after pictures from their smartphone while waiting in the airport for their connecting flight.

Mobile timecards and electronic work orders travel real-time to your existing accounting software for instant access by billing and payroll administrators in your back office.

Dispatchers view service requests and assign field techs from a laptop while sitting at the corner coffee shop.

A service organization’s customers and employees are its lifeblood.  FieldConnect end-to-end mobile workforce solutions enhance customer loyalty and improve employee satisfaction, contributing to a stronger bottom line.


Home page:  www.




MobiTen provides Mobile Enterprise Solutions that are fully Integrated with your systems of record (CRM, CMS, ERP).

By capturing your content organization-wide MobiTen facilitates and streamlines processes that fuel your business.Your data is instantly available in dashboards to provide key visibility into your KPi's.

MobiTen's Pinterine is the platform that allows your content to sing!  Whether it takes its form is an App, an interactive marketing magazine, or a branded channel, our technology stands alone generating productivity gains that create competitive advantage and increase your employees value add, especially for those in the field.

MobiTen brings relevant content to your audience faster, but it's our user interface (UX Design) that makes your content sing.   No BORING Enterprise Apps.  What MobiTen creates is more than an 'App' or web service can provide. We make B to B and B to E solutions that are fun to use.

We believe these 5 critical features make MobiTen a stand out when it comes to Enterprise Apps like our Sales Automation App.  Your IT department will love us!
  1. Create your own content,  with our Mobile Content management System (called Press)  included with Pinterine
  2. Designed to work with Amazon Global Secured Cloud System for scalability and high reliability.
  3. Deploy with  Enterprise Level Mobile Management System ( MAM + MDM ) providing security on devices and across the Enterprise
  4. Built using existing and proven business module. Don't build from scratch.
  5. Integrate easily with existing backend system using Web Services API.

We bring process and workflow automation to your business with great UX design.  If you can dream it, we can build it. We are experts in mobility, call us.  Find us at

Friday, November 22, 2013


Workspot is a next generation solution for Enterprise Mobility Management. We enable companies to deliver email, apps, video, and data to mobile devices. Our mobile virtualization solution has two components: Workspot Control is a SaaS service that allows IT to configure a control plane for their mobile virtualization deployment. Workspot is an application that can be downloaded from the public app store.

Workspot Control is a 100% cloud service that allows a network admin to deliver core business applications, like SAP & SharePoint, onto mobile devices in minutes. Workspot leverages existing security and authentication infrastructure, so companies don’t need to install new boxes in the data center and can have a pilot up and running in minutes. IT can now deliver applications and documents you need on your personal device.  All apps are contained in a secure workspace, meaning no need to remember multiple passwords and faster access to the business applications you need to use.

Additionally, the Insights Module in Workspot analyzes the real end user experience on mobile devices for all applications, and provides business activities performed inside Workspot. This data lets you know which applications are least available or slowest in response time, which devices are slowest for your applications performance, and availability of different wireless networks for your users. This data is uploaded in real-time to Workspot Control and immediately indexed and made searchable through the Events Module. You can search the data with keywords, by date, or use filters to narrow the data down by application name, device type, geo or network.

Take Our 60 Minutes Challenge: Take a call with our consultant. If we cannot get your core apps up and running within 60 minutes on mobile devices, we will give you 50 free Workspot licenses for one year!

End User Features:
Network Admin Features:
Infosec Features:
Big Data Insights:
Workspot Blog:
Workspot Data Sheet:

Mobile Identity

Mobile Identity was founded in 2001 and is leading in the field of strategy and development within social innovation and business oriented use of web and mobile technology.

Mobile Identity has developed more than 150 projects for companies in Denmark and internationally, and with more than 40 municipalities. We primarily work with welfare technology, climate and environment, citizen services, arts and culture dissemination, as well as specific industry solutions.

We engage in projects from concept development to implementation and marketing. Our innovative projects over the years have formed the basis for the formation of a number of related spin-off companies.

Today , the companies are independent parties , with independent organizations and ownership in a single digital development and media house.

Mobile Care Aps
Founded in 2003 with the innovation capital of Technological Innovation . Mobile Care developed a concept for the mobile phone for elderly people. Partners: Sonofon, Falck, Ældresagen. Mobile Care has made ​​a 2 -year study in elderly’s use of technology.

Mobile Fitness A/S
Founded in 2005 as a spin-off from the University of Copenhagen with innovation capital from CAT Innovation A/S. Mobile Fitness was founded with the stated purpose of developing a scientifically proven health program. Ownership: University of Copenhagen, Department of Human Nutrition , CAT Innovation A/S. Development Partners: 35 municipalities , Novo Nordisk, the Danish Cancer Society , Aalborg University , Nykredit , etc.

I-Guide ApS
Founded in 2008 as a spin-off from Mobile Fitness , with innovation capital from CAT Innovation A/S. I-Guide develops patient support programs in cooperation with leading knowledge institutions , pharmaceutical manufacturers, and hospitals.

CO2-Guide ApS
Founded in 2010 and developed as a joint venture project with COWI. CO2-Guide develops a digital platform to support reduction of CO2-consumption in businesses and public institutions. The platform will be efficacy measured in cooperation with municipalities in Denmark and University of Copenhagen.

Visit us at

Thursday, November 21, 2013


A complete solution for the development of enterprise apps that work across all devices and operating systems. Organisations can publish high level apps in their marketplace in dramatically shorter delivery times.

We connect with multiple interfaces and backend systems, favoring existing IT infrastructure providing the control to deliver high quality solutions without complex installations of software or hardware.

Does your company need a mobile solution?

Optimization of business processes and employee empowerment are terms we aspire to increase company performance. Today, mobile devices bring together these two key functions changing the way we work, but it is difficult to take how we currently operate to a new paradigm of mobile applications as powerful as the desktop.

Our Platform takes the migration from traditional methods to mobile in easy understandable steps always keeping pace with device and software operating systems changes. Companies have become a mix of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and company owned hardware. To keep up with this and deliver equally across your business CRE8Mobility is the solution.

Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) by CRE8Mobility

• DESIGN & DEVELOP your app
• DEPLOY with flexibility
• CONTROL  using our platform management tools
• INTEGRATE with your systems
• OPERATE with no fuss
• HARNESS today’s innovations.

Combine these elements and SOLVE your mobility challenges with speed and efficiency.

A mature and proven solution

With more than 3 years of experience in this technology exclusively and coupled with continuous development, our platform has matured into a leadership position, and is a secure and efficient way for your organisation to meet market demands.

About our company

CRE8Mobility is a product of CRE8, developed by Blink Mobile Australia and now expanded to Latin America. We are specialists in complete solutions for mobile, providing the technology and the connectivity for innovative solutions creating value for your business.


MobileSputnik by MobilityLab: True Enterprise Mobile Workplace
U.S. and Canada: 1-855-MOBSPUTNIK (1-855-662-7788)
International: +7 (495) 974-7979

MobileSputnik turns iPad and Android tablets into the true Enterprise Mobile Workplace, giving users familiar PC capabilities and providing rich functionality, usability and security while working with corporate files (PC sync folders, Windows shared folders and SharePoint libraries) at any time in any place.

MobileSputnik opens up easy and secure access to corporate information assets with on-premises deployment and smooth integration into an existing enterprise IT and information security landscape. Designed with the tablet user experience first in mind it provides unique features and supports habitual PC scenarios for using mobile devices in a business environment. MobileSputnik provides a rich toolset for document access, viewing, creating, editing, sharing and management directly on modern tablets by using embedded in-app office (Polaris Office by Infraware).

MobileSputnik Server provides a secure and scalable enterprise file exchange infrastructure for on-premises deployment within the enterprise landscape. The server is designed with a special focus on enterprise level security with multi-level authorization of users and their devices with Active Directory and other enterprise grade capabilities.

MobileSputnik capabilitites:

  • Multi-screen user interface to open and work with multiple files
  • File manager with rich set of file operations
  • Viewer for many file formats of documents, images, multimedia
  • Embedded Office to edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations
  • Text file based note taker with extended keyboard
  • Multi-screen desktop for shortcuts
  • Access to Windows shared folders and SharePoint document libraries
  • Easy and secure file sync with special PC Agent
  • Login with users’ corporate identity by Active Directory integration
  • On-premises deployment within corporate intranet
  • Scalable multi-component server architecture
  • Management and monitoring tools, including dashboard

MobileSputnik client for iPad:
MobileSputnik client for Android tablets:
Demo and trial version are free available:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


About AnyPresence

AnyPresence is a mobile development platform that dramatically reduces the time and cost of mobile-enabling enterprise business processes, products, and services. It is the only solution that offers organizations the ability to assemble and deploy backend servers, native iOS, native Android, and HTML5 mobile web apps without platform "lock-in".

Powered by a robust mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS), AnyPresence also provides pre-assembled mobile app templates, a design-time API, and other patent-pending capabilities to further accelerate time-to-market. The platform is easy to use, yet flexible enough to enable source code-level customization or on-premise hosting options.  Learn more by visiting

AnyPresence Products

Enterprise Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS)

Dramatically reduce the time and cost of building enterprise mobile apps with a robust mobile back-end server, cross-platform SDKs, and UI prototypes generated in human-readable, editable native code. No proprietary run-time components: you have full, source code level control of your data, server, and app, without platform lock-in.

Dedicated enterprise backend server per app
Cross-platform SDKs and user interface starter kits
Web-based designer and native app compilation
All source code available in private Git repositories


Go beyond generic APIs: provide custom SDKs, documentation, unit test scripts, and even cross-platform mobile user interface starter kits to enable your developer ecosystem to build apps that connect with your products or services. Accelerate adoption with app templates and a customized developer portal.

empower developers at your partners and customers
generate custom APIs, SDKs, and UI starter kits
create your own customized developer portals
embed app building capabilities into your own software


IBM Worklight is an open standards based mobile applications development platform that is integrated with a broad range of IBM and third party software products.  Worklight simplifies mobile applications development and provides a portfolio of software tools to integrate mobile apps into the broader enterprise applications environment.

The Worklight portfolio includes:
  • an Eclipse-based, standalone development environment and a suite of mobile platform specific API’s and runtime components that simplify and accelerate the process of developing mobile web, hybrid and native applications.
  • a middleware server that provides authentication, security, mobile applications management, and integration to back-end enterprise applications or to external, cloud delivered application services.
  • tools for managing deployed mobile applications and for capturing analytics to help the business gain a multi-channel view of customer use of the enterprise web and mobile applications.
  • an integrated testing function that generates natural language test scripts so that developers can process fully automated functional tests of Worklight Mobile Apps on any supported device types. These tests can be run on local devices or via cloud services such as Perfecto Mobile and Device Anywhere.
The Worklight IDE allows developers to create mobile applications using standard web technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, within an integrated development and testing environment. The Worklight IDE can create mobile web, hybrid or native apps that are optimized for specific device platforms and different operating system releases.

Worklight also provides support for private app stores as a repository for deploying private B2E and B2B native or hybrid applications.  The Worklight administrative server provides tools to manage app upgrades and distribution to both internal app stores or public apps stores like Google Play® or the Apple iStore®.

For more information:

Monday, November 18, 2013


iPass is the global force in Wi-Fi. With the world’s largest commercial Wi-Fi network, iPass delivers mobility services for easy connectivity and roaming cost control. By enabling Wi-Fi from almost any device, anywhere, iPass offers business travelers:
Access to millions of commercial Wi-Fi hotspots at major airports, hotels, convention centers and other venues
Inflight Wi-Fi service on many domestic, international, and transcontinental flights
Secure authentication with a single login and password
Speed Test checks if a connection is fast enough for the business applications you need
Hotspot Finder directs users to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot
Free user support and troubleshooting with 24/5 email support

What’s in it for the enterprise?
Roaming cost savings, increased productivity
Connect quickly and work from almost anywhere
Organizations save more than 70 percent* over the cost of traditional data roaming and Wi-Fi day passes
Supports iOS, Android, and Windows 8 mobile devices, and Windows and Mac laptops
Hosted solution—there’s nothing for IT to deploy or maintain on premises
Set and enforce policies, even on personally owned devices, and get quarterly usage reports

Give business travelers seamless connectivity virtually anywhere, and lower roaming expenses. Visit or
*iPass Wi-Fi Cost Index, Sept. 2013


Mediafly is an enterprise mobility platform that transforms data and content into compelling mobile experiences and elevates business interactions.

What does this mean for my business?
Quick access to the right content, at the right time, from any device.
Empower employees to deliver interactive, dynamic content to audiences – the cure to “death by presentation.”
Enhance existing technology investments by providing employees a single federated view of all relevant content, across systems and platforms.

Our Mobility Manifesto
Mediafly facilitates intelligent access to data and content so that it can be used in context for the maximum impact on the target audience.
Mediafly enables mobile engagement and increases the alliance between content creators and content consumers. Mobilizing content that consistent, compliant and compelling. Administrative controls allow for sophisticated reporting on content use, access, and security.
Mediafly facilitates rapid innovation and allows the launch of new applications to occur in days or weeks (instead of months or quarters), resulting in:
Significantly lower cost compared to developing a one off custom app
Innovation within the technology without disruption to the user or usability
High return on investment
Admins and users love it… and use it!

Facts & Philosophy
Mediafly is based in Chicago, IL, and has been incorporated since 2006. We help our clients bridge the gap between their compelling content and the diverging range of mobile and smart devices. Mediafly is a MAaaS provider elevating business interactions, driving results and increasing revenue.

Enterprise Mobility in Action
Mediafly provides Mobile Apps as a Service (MAaaS) that are:
Integrated: connect seamlessly to existing systems (CRM, CMS, ERP, etc.), providing a federated view of content across the organization.
Future-proof: platform- and device-agnostic, updates are pushed regularly (iOS, Android, Windows8, etc.).
Optimized: deployments in weeks, training in minutes/hours, and access to content instantly.

Sell in style with your tablets and smartphones. Present with video, audio, documents, images, iBooks, and websites from your app.

The most effective, beautiful way to securely share and review pre- and post-production videos, dailies and rough cuts on any device.


DSI’s Mobile Enterprise Platform

As the pioneer in enterprise mobility, DSI equips companies around the globe to move beyond just implementing mobile apps—to being mobile enterprises. DSI Mobile Enterprise Management enables customers to take control of their mobile future and create a sustainable, optimized advantage for their business.

DSI Mobile Enterprise Management mobilizes the entire enterprise by providing optimized integrations to your back-end systems, combined with vertical solutions, an agile platform, and unparalleled customer support.

Moreover, the DSI Application Studio lets you tailor mobile apps to meet your needs. Check out this video on how easy it is to create and deploy mobile applications for your enterprise. 

Learn more about DSI’s mobile platform, mobile apps, and mobile technology. For more information, visit


SOTI develops industry-leading Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Content Management (MCM), Mobile Email Management (MEM), Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Security Management (MSM) solutions. Over 10,000 customers worldwide use SOTI's award-winning MobiControl to enhance enterprise mobility and enable Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives.

The advent of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs into the corporate sector is gaining momentum because of the astonishing results that BYOD brings to personal productivity and business performance. Small, medium and large scale enterprises are benefitting from BYOD adoption no matter what vertical industry they are a part of or the scale of mobile devices to be deployed. Freedom to adopt devices of their choice and 24/7 access from anywhere allows users to improve productivity and positively impact business results. These consumer devices used for accessing corporate data, e-mails and line-of-business applications can be comprehensively managed with SOTI’s enterprise-grade mobile device management solution.

Mobile device management for BYOD is complex and challenging given the dynamic technology changes occurring in consumer mobility. Adopting enterprise standards to adapt to shifting consumer choices is the only way for enterprises to accommodate and stay on top of this tidal wave of IT consumerization.

Advantages of SOTI’s MDM Solution for BYOD

  • BYOD ready to scale and deploy with enterprise grade security and manageability
  • Single software platform for managing mobility endpoints across OEMs and Operating systems
  • Proven and preferred MDM solution managing millions of mobile devices for customers across all vertical markets globally, supported by 450+ partners in over 170 countries
  • End-to-end solutions partner committed to supporting customer requirements


Kinvey Platform Overview

Kinvey provides an award-winning Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that helps organizations deliver secure, consumer-grade apps and implement omni-channel mobile strategies. By eliminating the need to recreate core backend functions for each app and each OS, the Kinvey Platform helps IT departments build and manage enterprise-grade mobile apps quickly and cost-effectively. Kinvey’s Platform can run on public or private clouds, mobilizing data from virtually any business software -- from homegrown databases up through cloud CRM systems, like

In addition to integrating with popular front-end tools like Adobe PhoneGap, Kinvey also partners with enterprise leaders like Google App Engine and Red Hat to equip organizations with end-to-end solutions for building sophisticated business apps. The Kinvey Platform powers business apps from leading enterprises, such as GSN, Womack, CCA Global Partners, Bayer and Access.

Kinvey’s App Services

Kinvey App Services can build secure, consumer-grade enterprise apps for your business in just weeks. These apps are developed on Kinvey’s award-winning Backend as a Service platform and delivered by our in-house developers and designers or one of our many agency partners. Apps built by the Kinvey App Services team adhere to the most stringent security and authentication protocols --all while enabling clients to significantly reduce time-to-market.

Kinvey App Services are delivered by our in-house developers and designers or one of our many agency partners.

Kinvey’s Strategy Services

Kinvey’s Strategy Services include Mobile Strategy and App Delivery workshops that are designed to accelerate your team’s mobile proficiency. Our advisory services will help you bridge the “mobile skills gap” that impedes vital time-to-market objectives. Workshops are led by Kinvey’s technical leaders and outside mobile business strategists. The hands-on App Delivery service centers on deploying an app, while the Mobile Strategy workshop facilitates the development of a custom mobile plan.

If you’re interested in Kinvey’s Platform, App Services or Strategy Services for your organization, please email us at or call us at 617-505-4096.

For more information about Kinvey:
For the Kinvey DevCenter;
For the Kinvey blog:
Follow Kinvey on Twitter:



Point. Click. Mobile.
Extend your business applications to mobile.

The Mobility Challenge
Companies have invested millions of dollars in monolithic business applications that can only be accessed from a desktop. These applications are absolutely critical to the proper functioning of the business, so enterprises have no choice but to continue using them.

Employees have integrated mobile devices into every area of their personal lives from getting directions to choosing a physician. The ease with which employees execute personal tasks from a mobile device is, unfortunately, not transferrable to the workplace because business applications weren’t built with mobility in mind.

Enter Capriza
Anytime, anywhere access to your business applications. With Capriza, every business application you’ve already invested in can be accessed from any modern mobile device. Capriza’s end-to-end mobility solution enables employees to make use of their mobile devices from 9am-5pm and not just 5pm-9am.

The Capriza Difference
User-led path to mobility and simplified processes. Using the Capriza Designer, IT can create HTML5 mobile apps for each of the workflows on their existing business applications. Design, deploy and iterate on an app with unprecedented speed and simplicity.

No Coding Required
No coding, integrations or APIs are required to create, deploy and manage a suite of Capriza mobile apps.

Create in Minutes
Mobile app development is (at least) 10 times faster with Capriza. Create and deploy an app on day one.

Security Guarantee
Capriza leverages your existing security infrastructure (firewalls, VPN, etc.) to ensure the protection of corporate data.

About the Company
Capriza was founded by the executive team from Mercury Interactive. The company is backed by Andreessen Horowitz and Charles River Ventures and is based in Palo Alto.

MoNimbus Inc.

MoNimbus Inc. leads Enterprise Mobility  with a cloud-based platform that combines best of mobile, social, and cloud technologies to transform enterprise applications to smart experience in no-time and low cost.  MoNimbus automates the complexity of moving enterprise apps to mobile and offers them efficiency and superior experience.  The team at MoNimbus is dedicated to delivering cloud based business solutions that not only enhance experience but also bring better business results. Visit for more information.  Come visit us at N1028 at Dreamforce where we unveil a joint product with Salesforce – MoNimbus™ Studio for Salesforce Sales Cloud®.



About us:
ExpertIG drives innovation in Enterprise Mobility by disrupting the enterprise with novel mobility concepts and apps. Our solutions connect and extend SAP enterprises to the hands of your employees and customers by utilizing innovative app designs that engage the mobile workforce and enhance the customer experience. Our capabilities span the full mobile experience creation from business scenario identification, to front-end UX/UI design all the way through to app functionality and backend integration.

Our accolades:
2013 SAP Pinnacle award as the Packaged Mobile Application Innovator of the Year. SAP Pinnacle awards are presented annually to the top SAP partners that have excelled in developing and growing their partnerships with SAP and driving customer success.

In 2012 and 2013, we were finalists in the SAP North American App Challenge for myOrders, our customer order inquiry and tracking app, and myDeliveries, our full featured truck-based Proof of Delivery and Proof of Condition app.

Our apps:
myOrders: Through this iPhone app, your customers are able to access to their SAP order information in a self-service fashion at anytime. The app provides real time, color coded access to the full order header and detail information and notifications on significant order events. Orders can be bookmarked for attention and contact lists are included with full calling capabilities.

myDeliveries: This is a full-featured, full life-cycle, truck-based Proof of Delivery and Proof of Condition app designed for the iPad. Features include route planning, GPS breadcrumb collection and analytics, geo-fencing, Proof of Condition (notes and photos) and Proof of Delivery (biometric signature and delivery completion).

Additional information can be found on the ExpertIG website, in addition to our LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

Unwired Revolution

Unwired Revolution, a leading mobile solutions integrator, specializes in developing and implementing enterprise architectural strategies. With more than 17 years experience in mobility, our expertise and focus is on the technology and solutions designed to secure corporate assets, remotely manage devices, enable enterprise applications, and extend content to mobile workers. Unwired Revolution delivers tailored and flexible mobile solutions to organizations nationwide, in a variety of industries, including: utilities, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, and retail.

As there is no perfect technology, Unwired Revolution is often asked to create utilities and tools to round out or customize a solution for a client’s unique environment. Products DocLink and DeviceLink were developed under this premise.

Unwired DocLink is an enterprise mobile content delivery solution, which securely and effortlessly delivers content trapped behind the corporate firewall to your mobile employees, without VPN or complexity. DocLink provides access to SharePoint and other enterprise file shares on iOS and Windows 7 & 8 devices (soon Android) with an app that is consumer-friendly and enterprise-safe. Files and folders are automatically kept up to date, enabling workers to be more productive while on-the-go.

DocLink is very different from the content delivery solutions in the market – it is not a cloud-based/hosted solution and does not rely on or require content aggregation. DocLink was developed for some of our largest enterprise customers, who for security and operational reasons are not interested in placing their data in the cloud, nor are they willing to go through the exercise required by cloud-based content solutions to aggregate and maintain multiple instances of the content. The product design objective includes strong security and directory integration, support for accessing content where it resides in the environment and cross platform access.

Unwired DeviceLink provides unlimited device and app management with rapid enrollment at no cost. Ideal for small business, schools, and government agencies, DeviceLink makes it easy to gain control of Apple iOS devices. Customers only need a web browser and devices to manage to get started. An organization can literally begin managing devices in minutes.

DeviceLink satisfies the needs of small businesses that want to leverage mobile device management functions but lack the complexity to justify the cost and resources commonly associated with enterprise-oriented solutions. DeviceLink Pro has additional features including supervised features and provides a low-cost solution for organizations requiring advanced functionality and support.

To learn about developing flexible mobile strategies and integrating tailored enterprise solutions, visit

To learn about Unwired Revolution’s mobile enterprise content delivery and test drive the DocLink application, visit

To learn about Unwired Revolution’s SMB mobile device and app management solution, visit

Magic Software

Magic Software

Backed by 30 years of experience enabling enterprises to create and integrate business apps, Magic’s End-to-End Enterprise Mobility Solution addresses all critical enterprise mobility elements, letting IT deliver mobile apps quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

Secure and reliable access to any enterprise data is a top priority, after all what value are business apps without enterprise data? Magic’s no-fail In Memory Data Grid architecture and certified and optimized adapters keep your app data available 24/7 regardless of transaction load.

Magic’s native device clients (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry), offline support, and robust high availability architecture ensure seamless natural user experiences – online or off, under any use conditions.

Magic’s code-free, metadata-based multi-channel solution (mobile and desktop/web) lets you meet your fast time-to-market requirements. And because it’s agile and future-proof, you can adapt easily and take advantage of new technologies as they develop.

Magic provides strong, built-in enterprise-grade encryption, authentication and management capabilities. Together with our MDM tools, we’ve got your security needs covered.

Magic provides IT and business users with comprehensive tools and services to maintain, manage, monitor and control the application and its infrastructure, and enroll and control devices and users.

Magic provides professional services to assist businesses through the entire mobile enterprise app lifecycle− from project definition, planning and development, to design, delivery, and implementation.

Solution components include:

Magic xpa Application Platform
Magic xpi Integration Platform
Magic Mobile Device Management Solution
Magic Mobility Professional Services

The Magic Advantage

  • NASDAQ company with 30 years of enterprise application development and integration experience
  • Large developer community, including 3000+ partners
  • Global customer support and professional services organizations
  • Strong alliances with mobility and enterprise software vendors, including Samsung, SAP,, Oracle JDE, IBM and Microsoft

Visit for more information or to download a free trial version.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Apacheta Corporation

Apacheta Corporation

Apacheta provides flexible mobile business applications that enable consumer goods, field service, and transportation-based businesses to streamline their mobile operations to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and increase revenue. We recognize that when it comes to mobile business applications, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.  That is why our mobile workflow applications are ready-to-use, yet can be rapidly customized to fit unique and changing business processes — enabling our customers to streamline their mobile operations, capture new revenue opportunities, and gain a competitive edge.

Founded in 2002, Apacheta has focused the extensive mobile industry experience of its team to develop a leading-edge mobile architecture. Our ACE Mobile Enterprise Application Platform jump-starts your solution with pre-built applications for route sales/DSD, merchandising, delivery, and field service – reducing the time, cost and effort required to develop and maintain mobile applications.
Our mobile applications include:

RouteACE: DSD software for automating one- and two-step sales and delivery operations including presales, van sales, and direct store delivery.
MerchandiserACE: a mobile merchandising application that allows companies to streamline their field marketing to ensure the product is in stock and that it is properly merchandised and priced.
TransportACE: our next generation mobile proof of delivery software, streamlines for-hire carrier and private fleet management for truckload, LTL, courier, bulk, specialized, medical and private company pickup and delivery operations.
ServiceACE: a mobile field service application lets you automate your break-fix and preventative maintenance operations.

Apacheta has established a solid customer base including Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Bimbo USA, G&K Services, United Rentals, Bally Technologies, and others.


Asset Management Applications for Mobile Users

SIGGA SM2® is a powerful, integrated suite of mobile Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
Applications, developed with support from SAP’s co-innovation laboratory that is fully compliant with all SAP Product Standard Guidelines for development and tightly integrated with SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) and other ERP modules. SIGGA enables enterprise companies to improve their asset availability, performance and longevity, while reducing inspection, maintenance and inventory costs. Designed by industry experts with decades of experience in the EAM market, SIGGA supports tens of thousands of end-users in some of the world’s largest and most demanding mobile EAM application deployments. SIGGA differentiates itself through several unique and compelling advantages including:

  • Ergonomic and Fast User Interface across all Devices: shortens process cycle times, automatically populates required fields, ensures data quality, and speeds deployment and user adoption
  • Seamlessly Integrated functionality to support the end to end maintenance planning, scheduling and execution business processes
  • Support for diverse stationary, linear and rolling assets.
  • Comprehensive Integration across multiple SAP ERP modules:
  • Expanded number (40+) of native integration points with SAP
  • Support for asset inspections, measurement rounds, notification and work order creation and execution with detailed operations and bills of material
  • Inventory lookup, reservation and consumption transactions
  • Support for barcodes, RFID tags, and GIS data and integration
  • Access to complete maintenance history
  • Integration to Human Capital Management for skills and qualifications and flexible methods for time capture
  • Asset control and master data support: provides ability to create and change functional locations and equipment data
  • SIGGA has embedded its own mobile Maintenance Analytics Application to provide visibility and insights for supervisors, managers and executives into KPIs and Trending information while they are on the road
  • Full offline and on-line capabilities
  • Certified to run on EITHER  SAP Netweaver or SAP Mobile Platform

SIGGA has been innovating with hundreds of clients over the past 12 years delivering rapid deployments and accelerated ROIs. Our performance has won us multiple awards including the 2012 SAP Innovation Partner of the Year (LAC), SAP Co-Innovation Partner of the Year (Brazil) and Intermec Innovator Partner of the Year (LAC).

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Impetus Technologies, Inc.

Impetus Technologies, Inc. is a leading solutions and services organization. We are focused on providing product development and advanced technology services in Enterprise Mobility, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing and Test Engineering. Impetus is a 1400-person U.S. corporation with global offices in U.S. Silicon Valley, Atlanta, New York and Washington D.C. and in three engineering centers in India. Our customers are primarily large U.S. enterprises, and ISV/SaaS companies. For these customers, Impetus has developed business-critical mobility applications and tools for multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, J2ME, etc.)

To specifically target Enterprise Mobility, Impetus has developed two products: (1) Impetus AppIT to facilitate quick development of high-performing hybrid apps, and (2) Impetus mAutomate to help organizations perform automated QA for mobile applications.

Impetus mAutomate allows organizations to test their mobile apps on multiple devices, locations and networks. Allowing classical on-premise deployment as well as cloud-based hosted options, mAutomate helps in the business-critical last mile of app development, i.e., rigorous testing that eliminates the chance factor associated with multiple OS versions, hardware configurations, device resolution variances, network variability, locational issues, etc. Designed with the unique challenges of mobile apps in mind, mAutomate automates testing in the cloud using real mobile devices – without rooting or jailbreaking – running on real provider networks. With mAutomate, testing is no longer an expensive chore, but is an active contributor to development.

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Zenput's Mobile Reporting App Increases Sales and Operations Execution Across Enterprises

Zenput provides real-time visibility for large organizations with products or workers spread across many locations. Zenput's mobile reporting app gives sales and operations execs real-time insight into how corporate initiatives and policies are rolling out at the local level.  With managers, workers or reps reporting on performance and execution at the local level, Zenput provides "eyes on the ground," bridging the gap between headquarters and the field.  

Zenput Product Features

  • Custom mobile reporting forms to collect data from any smartphone or tablet
  • Local managers or workers collect data, pictures, videos, barcodes and more - whether online or offline
  • Execs instantly receive reports, analytics, alerts and more, all in real-time
  • Data is available in a variety of formats and third-party integrations


  • Zenput's enterprise customers have increased revenues and decreased operational costs almost instantly
  • Improved execution of new product roll-outs and location-by-location sales
  • Increased compliance with corporate initiatives and policies
  • Increased ability to hold supply chain accountable

Representative Customers and Uses

  • Publicly traded national restaurant chain - new product roll-out and health & safety initiative execution
  • Large U.S. alcohol supplier - store-by-store visibility into product availability and pricing
  • National convenience store chain - improve operational and sales performance at every store
  • National merchandisers - manage product installations at 2,700 Walmart and Target stores nationwide

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Enterprise Mobility Management (eM2)

At Enterprise Mobility Management (eM2), we speak the language of the mobile industry, so we can be your voice.

  • Multi-program management (CL, IL, BYOD, COPE, etc.)
  • Device recycling as an income generator
  • Comprehensive wireless expense management
  • Cross-carrier visibility into costs, inventory, and usage
  • 24/7 technical help desk support
  • Custom device provisioning and deployment
  • WBENC certified to meet supplier diversity initiatives

 Whether you’re looking for help with your wireless telecom expense management or you need help with the day-to-day carrier requests, we’ve got you covered! eM2 enables our clients to control overages and optimize rate plans and features for all of your wireless lines - regardless of carrier - in one centralized view. Your custom portal for carrier requests such as new service, end user information updates, and accessory orders enforces your unique policies and processes while standardizing devices, plans, features, and accessories.


AMT-SYBEX creates enterprise software and delivers associated services to the infrastructure and energy industries. Our mobility products have been developed to meet the most common mobility challenges, whether that be mobilising for the first time, embarking on the use of second generation mobile, or avoiding costly enterprise software customisation.  Affinity Fieldreach is our enterprise mobility solution that allows you to configure and deploy solutions in the field tailored to your own specific requirements.

It is licensed on over 35,000 devices in leading organisations such as Network Rail, National Grid, Transport for London, and Electricity Northwest Limited. It delivers the most flexible enterprise-rated mobile experience available today and is available as an out-of-the-box solution to enable vital mobile processes including: asset management, work management but crucially is easily integrated with all major enterprise systems.

These packaged processes help mobilise the workforce, quickly delivering benefits, however Fieldreach also offers Intelligent Scripting – our business process orchestration engine which enables clients to innovate beyond the packaged offering. Intelligent scripting is accomplished via a straightforward user interface which allows trained business users to define the data, meta-data and business process for mobile fieldworkers which requires no programming, coding or database skills to operate. This gives organisations the independence and adaptability to implement new business processes without re-coding, focussing on data and how data is captured and allowing new processes to be quickly designed, deployed, embedded and optimised by the business.

Fieldreach has been designed with an “outside in” approach to the mobile process, with the field user’s needs placed at the heart of the design. This is a result of our position at the forefront of enterprise mobility, having successfully designed and implemented mobile solutions since 1999 and Fieldreach roll outs, across all platforms, enjoy a very high degree of user acceptance with a low incidence of help desk calls.

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Apperian is the industry pioneer for mobile application management and helps mobile enterprises deploy apps to their employees. The company’s cloud-based platform offers a branded enterprise app catalog to users while providing a comprehensive management backend that helps IT professionals manage the full lifecycle of mobile apps and content. With a seamless user experience, Apperian protects and manages what matters most – the business apps and data – while driving the highest possible levels of app adoption. Leading enterprises are tapping Apperian to help them with enterprise mobility to get critical mobile apps in the hands of employees, contract workers and franchisees. The company has received numerous industry recognitions and was recently named one of the ‘Top Places to Work’ by the Boston Globe and one of the ‘Top Private Companies’ by AlwaysOn and OnMobile. Apperian was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Boston with teams throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. For more information please visit or follow the company on Twitter at @Apperian.

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Mi-Co,, is the most experienced market leader in the development and commercialization of enterprise mobile forms software and mobile data capture software for any device, including Tablets, Digital Pens on Paper, Smartphones, laptops and more.  Mi-Forms connects mobile forms and mobile data collection to existing enterprise databases with support for active directory, SQL Server, SharePoint, Oracle, SAP and many other enterprise systems.

Mi-Co’s Mi-Forms System enables paperless business processes and mobile data collection by:

  • Providing a drag & drop rapid form design and automation tool called the Mi-Forms Designer, usable by lines of business
  • Supporting all modern handwritten and touch mobile data capture hardware devices with software that captures, transforms, stores and securely communicates ink, recognized handwritten data, barcodes, photos, audio and more
  • Providing centralized deployment and control consoles from the Mi-Forms Server for users, forms & devices
  • Enabling communication of the original ink and recognized forms data to any relational database from Access to SQL Server to Oracle, and the capture of legally binding e-signatures
  • Allowing both online & secure offline data collection & transmission, through store & forward mechanisms
  • Enabling deeper integration of Mi-Forms components within your platform using the Mi-Forms .NET SDK

The Mi-Forms mobile forms software system has been used by Healthcare, Field Service, Energy, Manufacturing, Finance, and Government organizations for 14 years.  Mi-Co’s customers include Sutter Health, AT&T, the IRS, the United Nations, the US Department of Agriculture, Eli Lilly and many others.

At Mi-Co we believe that technology should simplify lives without adding complicated applications or expensive hardware.

Mi-Co’s system is built to be intuitive & user-friendly, so your organization will achieve paperless processes and reach your business automation goals without the painful ‘new technology’ learning curve.

Visit today to request a free demo or eval of Mi-Forms today.


Company Description

FeedHenry provides a next generation, cloud-based mobile application platform (MAP) that simplifies the development, deployment and management of mobile apps for enterprise. Based on open and agile technologies, the FeedHenry platform enables development of native, hybrid and HTML5 apps that securely connect to multiple backend systems and supports deployment of server-side code to private, public or hybrid cloud environments.  The solution offers business units the flexibility to create mobile apps that increase productivity, connectivity and engagement, while enabling IT departments control, manage and secure these mobile app initiatives across the entire organization. We work with global enterprises in healthcare, utilities, business services, transportation, travel and government sectors and partner with leading technology, mobile operator, system integrator and ISV organizations. Headquartered in Waterford, Ireland and Burlington, Massachussetts, USA the company also has offices in Staines, UK and Dublin, Ireland.

Product & Services 

FeedHenry’s platform offers an end-to-end solution for developing and deploying mobile apps in the enterprise. The cloud-based platform includes an app development studio for developing HTML5 and hybrid apps and for integrating natively developed apps. Server-side Node.js supports secure enterprise integration and complex business logic while the platform’s  MBaaS (Mobile Backend-as-a-Service) features provide a range of prebuilt APIs including authentication, caching and persistent storage as well as cloud plugins that easily connect to common enterprise services such as salesforce, remote databases, remote messaging, ecommerce and more. The Mobile Application Management functionality allows control over app distribution via a dedicated app store, authentication and remote wipe. Real-time analytics provide customer insight that can be used to measure and enhance the app experience. The platform is open, agile and flexible with zero lock-in. Developers can build great apps in their environment of choice and server-side code can be deployed to their cloud infrastructure of choice or on-premise.


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SEE Forge™

SEE Forge™ is an enterprise grade mobile reporting platform making it very easy for companies to transfer their existing paperwork and processes onto any mobile device. Powered by an online Command Centre to create custom forms and reports, it gives companies real-time insight into what is happening in the field at any given moment.

“We take your team mobile to help you increase productivity,
lower operational costs and minimise risks”

Whether someone is reporting a safety hazard, quality assessment, general inspection, audits or that a machine requires servicing, SEE Forge™ ensures that employees can capture any issue, any time, any place using their mobile device.



Intrinsically Safe Cases:


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Stratix is the largest U.S. outsourcing Managed Mobile Services provider helping the world’s leading companies deliver mobile solutions to their workforce. For three decades, enterprises have trusted and relied on Stratix’s Managed Mobile Services solution to simplify the complexity of mobile. 

Stratix was recognized in Gartner’s First Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services, July 2013, based on its ability to execute and completeness of vision. For more information, follow us on Twitter @stratixmobile and visit

Kony Solutions

Kony is the fastest growing cloud-based mobile application development platform (MADP) in the industry with over 600 live multi-channel apps, serving over 20 million end users across 45 countries.

The Kony Experience Platform is an integrated software development lifecycle (SDLC) platform to define, design, develop, test, deploy, and manage multi-channel applications from a single code base.

With Kony, you can deliver stunning user-first experiences, get to market faster, and lower your application TCO. Kony also offers a suite of more than 30 ready-to-run B2E and B2C apps that enable customers to quickly extend their business.

In 2013 Kony was named a “Leader” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADP).

Start a free trial of any of Kony’s cloud offerings or learn more about Kony apps:

Kony Visualization Cloud - Define, prototype, and design stunning app experiences with cloud-based collaboration.

Kony Development Cloud - Build and deploy amazing multi-channel, cloud-connected apps today.

Kony Management Cloud - Manage your mobile apps, devices, and content from one plane of glass.

Kony ready-to-run multi-channel apps  - The answer for companies looking to deliver user-first, multi-channel experiences with proven app functionality

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Company URL
DevCenter URL: 

Company Description:

Verivo Akula is Enterprise Mobility: Reinvented, built with, by and for businesses like yours. With decades of experience in mobile market requirements, the team at Verivo Software reinvented the mobile app platform for the needs of today’s enterprises. We worked with companies like yours to design Akula from the ground up. Deeply rooted in our architecture are features designed to make your job easier, more manageable, and more controllable. Akula makes offline transactions easy, streamlines the mobilization of data from any back-end system, makes security a first-class citizen, and adds unparalleled control to your apps. 


ClickSoftware is the leading provider of automated mobile workforce management and service optimization solutions for the enterprise, both for mobile and in-house resources. As pioneers of the “Service chain optimization” concept, our solutions provide organizations with end-to-end visibility and control of the entire service management chain by optimizing forecasting, planning, shift and task scheduling, mobility and real-time management of resource and customer communication.

Available via the cloud or on-premise, our products incorporate best business practices and advanced decision-making algorithms to manage service operations more efficiently, in a scalable, integrated manner. Our solutions have become the backbone for many leading organizations worldwide by addressing the fundamental question of job fulfillment: Who does What, for Whom, With what, Where and When.

ClickSoftware is the premier choice for delivering superb business performance to service sector organizations of all sizes. Follow us on Twitter.

Solution Description:

ClickMobile enables you to better manage and optimize your mobile workforce. ClickMobile is compatible with most devices and operating systems and works both offline and online with full accessibility to back-office systems. Mobile workers can use their devices to view jobs, service histories customer information and more.

ClickSchedule is a ClickSoftware application designed to enable service organizations to improve efficiencies in the scheduling portion of the service chain. Based on more than 10 years of experience, and fine-tuned through the course of more than 100 implementations.

Cloud Offering: Cloud-based Mobile Workforce Management combines best practice service processes from more than 200 service leaders, and cloud-based platform models to cover your cloud strategy, without making business sacrifices.

ClickWorkforce is an advanced scheduling and real-time mobility solution for users that is scalable to any size service business. From growing companies to enterprises, one click of a button will instantly deliver an optimized mobile workforce schedule, all within the platform.

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Webalo is the easy, fast alternative to traditional mobile application development – an affordably scalable and integral part of the IT enterprise mobility infrastructure that, out-of-the-box, seamlessly integrates and interoperates with enterprise applications and data, Enterprise Mobility Management platforms, and Android, Apple, BlackBerry, and Windows mobile devices. Its infrastructure-level implementation lets it automatically generate and deploy secure enterprise-to-mobile apps in minutes, eliminating the obstacles to BYOD.

Webalo provides direct access to the enterprise applications and data that companies already have and delivers secure, bi-directional, transactional mobile access to the enterprise-based activities that employees rely on to do their jobs. It’s 100x faster than traditional development, a fraction of the cost, simple enough for anyone to master, and powerful enough to let users work directly from their mobile devices. Webalo reduces the burden on IT, lowers overhead, extends the value of enterprise applications, and leverages the full computing power of smartphones and tablets.

For customers in a broad range of industries, Webalo provides speed, simplicity, security, scalability, and savings by, for example, giving consumer products’ company Grupo Familia access to vital SAP managed data without the complexity and coding that’s usually associated with SAP. In property management, Inland Group connects its on-the-go managers with up-to-the-minute Oracle managed data that’s essential for monitoring assets, keeping facilities maintained, and ensuring cash flow. Even in healthcare, Webalo is being used by the UK National Health Service to improve patient outcomes, enhance consultations between doctors, and ensure smooth operations.

Regardless of industry, Webalo can – in minutes – mobilize an infinite number of enterprise-based tasks, workflows, business intelligence data, and real time analytics to let employees use smartphones and tablets to work more productively and take action on-the-spot instantly.

Additional information about Webalo's products, customers, and partners is available at  You can visit our blog at and follow us on Twitter at

Ingram Micro Mobility

Ingram Micro is the world’s largest wholesale technology distributor and a global leader in IT supply-chain and mobile device lifecycle services. As a vital link in the technology value chain, Ingram Micro creates sales and profitability opportunities for vendors and resellers through unique marketing programs, outsourced logistics and mobile solutions, technical support, financial services and product aggregation and distribution. The company is the only global broad-based IT distributor, serving approximately 160 countries on six continents with the world's most comprehensive portfolio of IT products and services. Visit

Ingram Micro Mobility is a leading provider of device lifecycle services with complete lifecycle capabilities from basic warehousing to software loading, order and accounts receivable management to end-user fulfillment, and reverse logistics, including wireless device repair, refurbishment and recycling services. Visit

Ingram Micro Mobility Services

Ingram Micro Mobility's mobile device lifecycle services fall into five categories: Plan, Market, Customize, Move and Recover (links below). Here is an overview of all of our services:

Plan: Forecast and manage supply chain lifecycles.

Market: Create demand and access sales channels.

Customize: Configure, prepare and enable devices.

Move: Deliver devices when and where they need to be.

Recover: Maximize value from recaptured devices.


TruMobi and TruJunction

The TruMobi product suite provides a framework for enterprise mobile applications, provides application distribution, solves security issues for multiple devices, and provides mobile middleware.  TruMobi  not only enables a comprehensive BYOD implementation for  enterprise implementation, but also services the end to end Enterprise Mobile needs.

Key feature sets for TruMobi:
  1. Enterprise Security at the app level by injecting binary at run time on the apps, with completely SDK independent approach and features like auto-wipe, remote wipe geo-fencing etc. gives a seamless and unique solution. This has been built taking the best practices out of Mobile Application Management(MAM) and Device Management(MDM) to enable a seamless BYOD solution for enterprises.
  2. Enterprise Ready App Templates for a white labeled or customize usage for speed to market.
  3. Enterprise Mobile Middleware with inbuilt connectors to backend systems and common public domains leveraging SoA and Rest Protocol, with remote caching of data, augmented reality and workflow features etc. This significantly cuts down time required for any development of web services for backend integration. Comes with an Information architecture admin portal to configure UX fields to the backend systems.
  4. Enterprise App life cycle management, distribution and management
Key feature sets for TruJunction middleware:
  1. Service Orchestration and Intelligent Caching - Ability to cache only the data subsets needed to support the mobile app by creating end point services such as JSON based REST API's – the TruJunction Developer package.  Business Analysts can create the APIs like Entity Diagram and Business Architects can review like UML diagrams. By this way we could create thousands of API's very quickly
  2. Dynamic Presentation Layer creation
  3. Security - Provides extra layer of security and frees up bandwidth, as mobile devices are not directly going against the Enterprise systems
  4. Rules Engine – can understand TruJunction specific domain specific logic.
Watch the short video on TruMobi -

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appsFreedom™ is a Leading Provider of Enterprise Mobile Cloud Software 

appsFreedom brings the ease and portability of mobile devices to the robust world of enterprise and business systems. Now users across the company and around the globe can quickly and securely transact anywhere, anytime, from any device. And IT teams can design, develop, deploy and manage proprietary apps quickly and easily through corporate app stores.

Our ready-to-use app templates and advanced mobile application development platform combine to enable users to perform a wide variety of secure activities. That means everyday processes are streamlined from nearly any angle, making the business more nimble, flexible and responsive than ever.
Choose your apps and get our robust Freedom Platform included for no additional cost so you can go mobile fast, and develop proprietary apps to optimize value to the business like never before.

appsFreedom Features
  • Fast and Cost Effective
  • Ready-to-use app templates
  • Mature Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP)
  • No licenses (SaaS and PaaS model)
  • Rollout apps in two-to-four weeks
  • Quick and seamless updates through corporate app stores
  • Intuitive interface for maximum user adoption
  • Single Sign-On to access all apps
  • Secure tunneling
  • 2-factor authentication
  • No business data storage in the cloud
  • Dual password protection
  • Smart Phones: Apple, Blackberry, Android, Windows
  • Tablets: Apple, Android, Windows
  • Modern Browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE
IT Features
  • Fast Deployment: mobile-enable employees in just two-to-four weeks
  • Incremental Adoption: add apps and users at any time
  • Simple Per-User Subscription Based Pricing Model: use of Freedom Platform included at no additional cost
  • No Additional Skill Sets Required: mobile platforms, Java, ABAP, functional, etc.
appsFreedom URLs:

Case Studies:


OpenMarket, a subsidiary of Amdocs, powers mobile business. We provide a comprehensive set of mobile solutions for enterprises to engage and transact with their customers via their mobile devices. Clients depend on OpenMarket for our superior domain expertise, global scale, demonstrated performance, and industry leading reliability. OpenMarket’s intelligent, integrated platform provides deep mobile operator connections with global network reach.  For more information, visit

Solution Description:

The OpenMarket™ Mobile Engagement Platform enables enterprises across vertical markets to engage customers, partners, and employees through cross-channel communications – SMS, MMS, push notifications, email, and voice. Whether the goal is to optimize communications, improve customer experiences, mobilize operational processes, drive brand awareness, or generate new revenue, enterprises can use the platform to design and deliver a wide  array of mobile messaging services. The OpenMarket Mobile Engagement Platform is SaaS-based and flexible to meet your evolving business needs. The platform supports both basic and sophisticated interactive mobile messaging flows. You can interface with it in two ways:
  • Non-technical users can create service flows and interactions using a web-based drag-and-drop user interface
  • Developers can interact programmatically via platform APIs

OpenMarket provides a workflow engine that supports automated cross-channel messaging services, as well as, data capture and reporting for better business intelligence. In addition, the platform APIs facilitate integration to preferred business systems so that you can leverage your current infrastructure investments, data, and business logic to reach the largest possible number of customers, partners and employees. The OpenMarket Mobile Engagement Platform is designed to be highly scalable and flexible, connecting you with your target audiences across any network and any device, and creating messaging services that fit your communication and business needs.  

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SAP Mobile Platform

The 3.0 release of SAP® Mobile Platform and the cloud version powered by the SAP HANA® platform are designed for real-time enterprise performance and meets the heavy business demand for secure, cost-effective mobile app development both on premise and in the cloud. 

To expand on the previous integration of Sybase® Unwired Platform, the 3.0 release of SAP Mobile Platform integrates the primary mobile application solutions from SAP — including SAP Netweaver® Gateway technology, Sybase Mobiliser and Syclo Agentry — to meet current and future mobile app use cases. The combination is envisioned to provide businesses of all sizes and in all industries a complete, highly flexible platform capable of handling mobile requirements for designing, building, testing, deploying, scaling and securely optimizing any app for any user.

The latest version of SAP Mobile Platform provides unmatched productivity for millions developers via a comprehensive set of platform services, an open standards-based architecture and by embracing a “bring-your-own-tools” (BYOT) strategy through integration with third-party development tools. The platform does not require re-engineering of processes, resources or existing infrastructure, as it is designed to keep developers “out of the weeds” and focused on creating a compelling user experience building on essential core and application services. 

The SAP Mobile Platform offers a future-ready architecture based on open-standards and open-source technologies that incorporate the latest mobile technologies. These shall include offline capabilities using the Open Data Protocol (OData) standard; OSGi architecture with Spring and Equinox frameworks; open-source Apache Cordova container with platform plug-ins; extensive use of HTML5 both in the product and for building apps; and HTTP REST APIs common across the on-premise and cloud versions of the platform.

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