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Monday, November 18, 2013


Mediafly is an enterprise mobility platform that transforms data and content into compelling mobile experiences and elevates business interactions.

What does this mean for my business?
Quick access to the right content, at the right time, from any device.
Empower employees to deliver interactive, dynamic content to audiences – the cure to “death by presentation.”
Enhance existing technology investments by providing employees a single federated view of all relevant content, across systems and platforms.

Our Mobility Manifesto
Mediafly facilitates intelligent access to data and content so that it can be used in context for the maximum impact on the target audience.
Mediafly enables mobile engagement and increases the alliance between content creators and content consumers. Mobilizing content that consistent, compliant and compelling. Administrative controls allow for sophisticated reporting on content use, access, and security.
Mediafly facilitates rapid innovation and allows the launch of new applications to occur in days or weeks (instead of months or quarters), resulting in:
Significantly lower cost compared to developing a one off custom app
Innovation within the technology without disruption to the user or usability
High return on investment
Admins and users love it… and use it!

Facts & Philosophy
Mediafly is based in Chicago, IL, and has been incorporated since 2006. We help our clients bridge the gap between their compelling content and the diverging range of mobile and smart devices. Mediafly is a MAaaS provider elevating business interactions, driving results and increasing revenue.

Enterprise Mobility in Action
Mediafly provides Mobile Apps as a Service (MAaaS) that are:
Integrated: connect seamlessly to existing systems (CRM, CMS, ERP, etc.), providing a federated view of content across the organization.
Future-proof: platform- and device-agnostic, updates are pushed regularly (iOS, Android, Windows8, etc.).
Optimized: deployments in weeks, training in minutes/hours, and access to content instantly.

Sell in style with your tablets and smartphones. Present with video, audio, documents, images, iBooks, and websites from your app.

The most effective, beautiful way to securely share and review pre- and post-production videos, dailies and rough cuts on any device.

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