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Monday, December 9, 2013


The iFactr Enterprise Platform is optimized for line-of-business applications on all hardware platforms in the rapidly evolving mobile landscape with support for not only consumer devices, but also industrial rugged handhelds. Not only does iFactr support legacy mobile devices and platforms, but iFactr uniquely also provides a migration path to rapidly modernize legacy mobile applications for enterprises that have significant investments in traditional enterprise mobile solutions like sales force automation, field service automation, inventory management, GIS and other line-of-business needs.

iFactr Enterprise Platform Modules

Cross-Platform Framework - Develop apps that run on every mobile device and platform while reducing software development costs and leveraging current developer skill sets.

Data Sync Engine - Run offline, provide disconnected transactional integrity and securely integrate with back-end systems using industry standards, not proprietary middleware.

Portability Framework - Future-proof platform-specific native applications to deploy applications on additional platforms in the future without rewriting them.

UX Prototyping Tool - Quickly create and iterate on application experiences with interactive prototypes on actual devices, cutting costs by reducing code changes.

Modernization Framework - Upgrade legacy rugged mobile solutions to modern mobile technology by building upon existing application investments while future-proofing applications.

Line-of-Business Accelerator - Rapidly develop solutions with ready-made modules that jumpstart development efforts and take advantage of common features.

iFactr 3.0 Integrations 

The iFactr Enterprise Platform is integrated with several other industry-leading solutions:

iFactr for Azure - Create a scalable and secure backend with Azure Mobile Services while rapidly building apps and synchronize offline data with disconnected transactional integrity.

iFactr for Xamarin - Achieve 100% code sharing, including the user interface (UI) and synchronize data for larger data-driven applications common within the enterprise.

iFactr for SAP - Simplify and accelerate SAP Mobile implementations with truly cross-platform enterprise-grade applications using a Microsoft C# .NET abstract application model.

iFactr for Visual Studio - Develop mobile applications for any platform in the market leading IDE, leveraging existing code, infrastructure, and technical expertise.

iFactr for PhoneGap - Write enterprise-grade cross-platform plug-ins that leverage a data synchronization engine for secure offline data and disconnected transactional integrity.

iFactr for Monocross - Build native, web, or hybrid applications shared across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5) using shared business logic and data code.

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