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Friday, November 22, 2013


Workspot is a next generation solution for Enterprise Mobility Management. We enable companies to deliver email, apps, video, and data to mobile devices. Our mobile virtualization solution has two components: Workspot Control is a SaaS service that allows IT to configure a control plane for their mobile virtualization deployment. Workspot is an application that can be downloaded from the public app store.

Workspot Control is a 100% cloud service that allows a network admin to deliver core business applications, like SAP & SharePoint, onto mobile devices in minutes. Workspot leverages existing security and authentication infrastructure, so companies don’t need to install new boxes in the data center and can have a pilot up and running in minutes. IT can now deliver applications and documents you need on your personal device.  All apps are contained in a secure workspace, meaning no need to remember multiple passwords and faster access to the business applications you need to use.

Additionally, the Insights Module in Workspot analyzes the real end user experience on mobile devices for all applications, and provides business activities performed inside Workspot. This data lets you know which applications are least available or slowest in response time, which devices are slowest for your applications performance, and availability of different wireless networks for your users. This data is uploaded in real-time to Workspot Control and immediately indexed and made searchable through the Events Module. You can search the data with keywords, by date, or use filters to narrow the data down by application name, device type, geo or network.

Take Our 60 Minutes Challenge: Take a call with our consultant. If we cannot get your core apps up and running within 60 minutes on mobile devices, we will give you 50 free Workspot licenses for one year!

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