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Wednesday, May 7, 2014



The Mobile-Flex® Difference



Because you will never write a single line of code for the device, you have a business tool that provides immediate access to your applications. The time saved not having to train employees on how to do their job is virtually eliminated.


Mobile-Flex® will allow you to more effectively run your business which in turn produces better services, thereby outperforming your competition.

No Terminal Services
No data is ever passed to or stored on the mobile device
Patent pending secure protocol
Access unlimited applications per user
One license multiple mobile devices and Windows 7 & 8, Windows Surface and Macintosh

BYOD Advantage

Mobile-Flex® is a Windows Based Server solution that delivers access to any Windows server application on mobile devices, Windows desktops, Microsoft Surface and Macintosh computers in a safe and secure manner using our patent pending technology that leaves NO trace of data of any nature on the device.  We do this by dynamically analyzing each graphical object of the Windows Presentation Manager (WPM) and turn it into compressed images which are sent to the Mobile device or desktop system. This is all done over one single dedicated non-standard port number and by doing so, robots, sniffers or hacking algorithms turn blind and cannot detect any backdoor.  Because we use our own patent pending protocol, RDP, Terminal Services or Terminal Service Server is not used or needed which increases the security significantly.

Our breakthrough technology uses Windows authentication to provide an application panel to the user that displays Icons for the applications the user has access to.  When the user selects an application, they are provided with only the view of the application and no opportunity to reach a desktop. However, if a full desktop access is desired for selected individuals, those individuals can be provided such access with our Full Flex access application that will display in their application panel. The Full Flex application provides the same secure environment as an individual application does.

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