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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Swift MEAP

Swift MEAP is a mobile enterprise application platform created by iEnterprises. Who, since their establishment in 1996, have proven expertise in developing, implementing, configuring and fine-tuning Swift MEAP for many enterprise CRM, ERP and data-warehouse solutions.

As a feature rich, scalable application, Swift MEAP mobilizes enterprise data to work on iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets, as well as BlackBerry devices. Its client/server architecture allows both online and offline connectivity to critical business information your employees need to drive business any time, anywhere.

Key Features

  • True native apps ensure a familiar, optimized user experience
  • No coding required—Swift MEAP is delivered as a complete application, controlled by configurable options
  • A rich client/server architecture delivers a fully functioning application with real-time business advantages
  • Full online and offline capability with scheduled synchronization to the backend data source, no user intervention necessary
  • Multiple configurations are available for different user groups, Sales, Service, Executives, Project Managers, etc.
  • Multilingual, currently offered in eight languages but Swift MEAP is easily configured to accommodate others.

Flexibility/Configurability: Swift MEAP can mobilize standard entities, custom entities and custom fields from your data source. The turnkey platform can be fully tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

User Choice: A single Swift MEAP server will mobilize your data source to any mixed device environment, including iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets and BlackBerrys.

Usability: Swift MEAP takes advantage of the native features of each mobile device on which it is deployed and provides a familiar user interface.

Scalability: Connect 100 or 10,000 mobile devices to Swift MEAP, you decide the scale and user criteria.

Offline client application: The application is fully functional on or offline, even without a cell phone signal. Data is stored locally and synchronized to the data source through the Swift MEAP server.

Speed and accessibility: Swift MEAP allows instant access to data. With information stored locally on the device, you never have to wait for a cell phone or Wi-Fi connection again.

Fast to deploy: The client application can be deployed and activated ‘over the air’. Users simply download the Swift MEAP app from the appropriate App Store and then ‘activate’ over the air to receive your company’s specific configuration thereby eliminating time-consuming IT device setup.

Simple to update and maintain: Swift MEAP requires no scheduled maintenance. System Administrator training is provided as part of the implementation.

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