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Thursday, July 10, 2014

ActMobile Networks

ActMobile Networks at a Glance
ActMobile makes doing business on mobile devices cost effective, fast, secure and reliable despite wireless variability. The company delivers a mobile app together with a cloud-based service that provides data bandwidth savings, application acceleration and security for ALL mobile data. We are a team of WAN optimization and web acceleration veterans from F5, Cisco, BlueCoat and Network Appliance with a history of building great companies and products. ActMobile is backed by James Lau, Founder & EVP of NetApp and Roland Acra, Ex-Cisco executive and startup advisor.

Provide the most cost effective, reliable & hi-speed mobile experience for individuals and companies that rely on their business applications, on any device, anytime, anywhere.
Value Proposition

  • Reduce mobile data & wireless bandwidth costs by up to 90%
  • Accelerate your mobile & wireless applications by up to 10x even in patchy & unreliable public Wifi or cellular networks
  • Secure all mobile data transfers on any device across any network anywhere in the world
  • Improve user experience with faster mobile applications, reduced data costs, and improved security even on performance challenged and expensive cellular network
  • Gain competitive advantage among peers by deploying now - ActMobile team brings experience, unique IP and proven results.

Why ActMobile?
Businesses invest $B's in appliance-based acceleration technologies i.e. RiverBed, F5, Citrix, etc. to improve application performance in the remote office. However, when users leave the office, and / or corporate applications migrate to the cloud i.e. these box-based solutions become irrelevant. ActMobile extends application acceleration and optimization to all mobile devices.

Mobile data spends will exceed $150B this year. Usage is forecast to increase 26-fold by 2015 when most knowledge workers’ data will be consumed over cellular networks. ActMobile’s patent pending technologies helps businesses reduce data center bandwidth costs while increasing the speed, efficiency and security of mobile application delivery. ActMobile Networks is a pioneer in the Mobility As A Service (MaaS) market.

The company delivers a unique patent pending cloud-based service and mobile device application for Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows platforms. Development is focused in three key areas:

  • Performance through data reduction and delivery optimization
  • Cost control and visibility
  • Secure access to data

The solution controls the data path between the mobile device and the cloud service. All data to and from the device are consolidated in a secure tunnel, double-encrypted, reduced, and optimized. Our dual-ended proxy architecture is unique and allows us to control the protocols that drive mobile network transit to ensure efficiency.

The Team
Our founding team of senior developers and executives have extensive experience in wide area network optimization and data reduction which led them to develop a new approach to addressing acceleration and optimization for the mobile workforce without the need for expensive hardware. The engineering team developed the award winning WAN optimization and data reduction products for F5 Networks, Swan Labs and BlueCoat. The executive team has a proven track record of delivering investor returns and building great companies.

  • Andrew Foss, Founder NTI acquired by Cisco Systems, CEO ActSolar acquired by National Semiconductor Corp., CEO Swan Labs acquired by F5 Networks, CEO Caw Networks acquired by Spirent Communications
  • Pankaj Kulkarni, CEO Colimetrics Software, VP R&D S7 Software (acquired by Blue Coat), Software Engineering Rational Software
  • Tim Bush, Controller Seagate Magnetics, CFO, ActSolar, Inc., CFO/COO, Dilithium Networks Inc.
  • John Williams, VP Sales and MD EMEA Network Appliance, VP EMEA Sales F5 Networks, VP Sales Swan Labs, VP WW Field Operations Crescendo Networks
  • John Coronella, CEO Active Advantage, Software Engineering Lycos Inc., Software Designer, BURST! Media LLC.

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