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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spyders Inc.

IntelliGO is a secure mobile enablement solution designed by Spyders Inc., a North American company specializing in IT security and networking solutions. IntelliGO integrates two critical aspects of mobile enablement into a single platform, network access control (NAC) and mobile device management (MDM).  It is a standards-based platform that makes use of digital certificates to securely authenticate and manage corporate and user owned mobile devices across most popular mobile platforms.

With IntelliGO, IT administrators can use a single console to easily authenticate and centrally manage a diverse set of devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, point-of-sale terminals, barcode scanners, gaming consoles, and Wi-Fi enabled medical devices.  It offers IT admins tight control over the entire mobile device lifecycle, from device enrollment to decommissioning of any device.

With IntelliGO deployed, IT can offer their users a variety of device enrollment options including an end-user self-service enrollment option, setup via email notification, or LDAP integration. These simple enrollment options provide a consistent agentless enrollment flow for most major mobile platforms, and allow both administrators and end-users to easily enroll their devices.

Security is top of mind for any business planning to expand mobile options within their environment. As such, security is at the heart of IntelliGO and has been carefully considered in the design of the product features and functions. The solution offers on-demand or application level VPN functionality, is designed to integrate with corporate firewalls and security information & event management (SIEM) solutions, and has a built-in certificate authority to prevent against unauthorized network access. These features provide IT administrators with an enhanced level of security and intelligence for their device population across all networks (wired, Wi-Fi, VPN).

The solution is ideal for organizations seeking a solution that will meet their mobile device management and network access controls needs within a reasonable budget.

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