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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

StarMobile, Inc.

Enterprise Mobility. Today. 

The Problem
Companies currently use packaged on-premise and cloud-based applications, and custom-built systems, to run their businesses.  The problem is that the cost and time to mobilize these enterprise applications can actually meet or exceed the original cost and time invested to implement those systems.

Our Solution
StarMobile is a disruptive, cloud-based enterprise mobility solution. Our patent-pending technology allows you to dynamically transform your current enterprise applications into mobile applications for users on any mobile device and any cloud platform at a fraction of the cost and time of any other approach.

Why StarMobile
StarMobile is built on pioneering technology that radically simplifies the application mobilization process. We intelligently derive the mobile app directly from the original enterprise application. Within the cloud, our solution employs a revolutionary remote computing protocol called “MORPH” to apply a series of transformations in real-time, to render a true mobile experience to the end user.
The result is that StarMobile can dynamically transform any enterprise application into a mobile application.

We do this with:
No changes to existing applications
No coding
No need for exotic skills or learning a new platform
No professional services
No re-building
Simple configuration
Low maintenance
No re-licensing
No app-specific downloads
Infinite scalability
End-to-end security
Centralized mobile app management and provisioning
Detailed usage statistics
Any application
Any use case
Any mobile device

About StarMobile
StarMobile was established in 2012 and is based at Technology Square in the Midtown area of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, a technology community that is recognized as a national, if not global, locus for mobility technology.

Our technology was conceived in the Georgia Tech Networking and Mobile Computing (GNAN) Research Laboratory. StarMobile was commercialized at VentureLab, the #2 University Business Incubator in the world, under grants from the Georgia Research Alliance and the National Science Foundation. Our technology has five patents pending.

Our leadership team has over 70 years of experience in enterprise software, mobile computing, and networking at recognized companies, as well as successful start-ups. The Technology Association of Georgia named StarMobile a 2013 Top 40 Innovative Technology Company.

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