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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SAP Mobile Platform

The 3.0 release of SAP® Mobile Platform and the cloud version powered by the SAP HANA® platform are designed for real-time enterprise performance and meets the heavy business demand for secure, cost-effective mobile app development both on premise and in the cloud. 

To expand on the previous integration of Sybase® Unwired Platform, the 3.0 release of SAP Mobile Platform integrates the primary mobile application solutions from SAP — including SAP Netweaver® Gateway technology, Sybase Mobiliser and Syclo Agentry — to meet current and future mobile app use cases. The combination is envisioned to provide businesses of all sizes and in all industries a complete, highly flexible platform capable of handling mobile requirements for designing, building, testing, deploying, scaling and securely optimizing any app for any user.

The latest version of SAP Mobile Platform provides unmatched productivity for millions developers via a comprehensive set of platform services, an open standards-based architecture and by embracing a “bring-your-own-tools” (BYOT) strategy through integration with third-party development tools. The platform does not require re-engineering of processes, resources or existing infrastructure, as it is designed to keep developers “out of the weeds” and focused on creating a compelling user experience building on essential core and application services. 

The SAP Mobile Platform offers a future-ready architecture based on open-standards and open-source technologies that incorporate the latest mobile technologies. These shall include offline capabilities using the Open Data Protocol (OData) standard; OSGi architecture with Spring and Equinox frameworks; open-source Apache Cordova container with platform plug-ins; extensive use of HTML5 both in the product and for building apps; and HTTP REST APIs common across the on-premise and cloud versions of the platform.

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