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Thursday, June 19, 2014

mFrontiers LLC

The mFinity Enterprise Mobility Management Platform (EMMP), by mFrontiers LLC, is a complete end- to-end Oracle-based mobility solution that supports all Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. mFinity has two components. The mFinity server-side is an Administrative console. The mobile device- side is a multi-function app container. Both components are integrated with Oracle Database Mobile Server.

The Administrative Console provides:
  • Role-based deployment of mobile apps.
  • Simplified data mapping between host and mobile databases.
  • Management of mFinity Data Gate (aliases for host databases).
  • Robust mobile application usage reporting.

The Multi-function app container provides:
  • Secure isolation of Enterprise and Personal apps and data.
  • Single sign-on to all enterprise apps.
  • Automatic version update of apps and data.
  • Synchronization of host and mobile databases.
  • Access to full native device functionality for web apps.
The mFinity multi-function container box provides apps with access to native functionality such as GPS, camera, video, audio, and local data. Since developers don’t need to write native apps to access native functionality, this increases their productivity.

With mFinity, when no network is available, users have access to mobile data that will later synchronize with the host database when the network is available. This increases user productivity.

When the Administrator changes the role for a user, the user immediately has access to all apps available to their new role. By simplifying provisioning, Administrator productivity is increased.

Finally, mFinity provides the highest available level of integrity for mobile data. This is because data synchronization is not performed in each application. With mFinity, synchronization between the host and mobile databases is performed by Oracle Database Mobile Server running on both the host and mobile device. This ensures consistent enforcement of IT policies.

mFinity provides a complete end-to-end Oracle-based mobility solution that brings enterprise discipline to enterprise mobility and aligns enterprise mobile strategy with best IT practices.
For information, visit:

mFrontiers LLC
Libertyville, Illinois 1-800-360-9827

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