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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


IBM Worklight is an open standards based mobile applications development platform that is integrated with a broad range of IBM and third party software products.  Worklight simplifies mobile applications development and provides a portfolio of software tools to integrate mobile apps into the broader enterprise applications environment.

The Worklight portfolio includes:
  • an Eclipse-based, standalone development environment and a suite of mobile platform specific API’s and runtime components that simplify and accelerate the process of developing mobile web, hybrid and native applications.
  • a middleware server that provides authentication, security, mobile applications management, and integration to back-end enterprise applications or to external, cloud delivered application services.
  • tools for managing deployed mobile applications and for capturing analytics to help the business gain a multi-channel view of customer use of the enterprise web and mobile applications.
  • an integrated testing function that generates natural language test scripts so that developers can process fully automated functional tests of Worklight Mobile Apps on any supported device types. These tests can be run on local devices or via cloud services such as Perfecto Mobile and Device Anywhere.
The Worklight IDE allows developers to create mobile applications using standard web technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, within an integrated development and testing environment. The Worklight IDE can create mobile web, hybrid or native apps that are optimized for specific device platforms and different operating system releases.

Worklight also provides support for private app stores as a repository for deploying private B2E and B2B native or hybrid applications.  The Worklight administrative server provides tools to manage app upgrades and distribution to both internal app stores or public apps stores like Google Play® or the Apple iStore®.

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