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Thursday, November 7, 2013


Webalo is the easy, fast alternative to traditional mobile application development – an affordably scalable and integral part of the IT enterprise mobility infrastructure that, out-of-the-box, seamlessly integrates and interoperates with enterprise applications and data, Enterprise Mobility Management platforms, and Android, Apple, BlackBerry, and Windows mobile devices. Its infrastructure-level implementation lets it automatically generate and deploy secure enterprise-to-mobile apps in minutes, eliminating the obstacles to BYOD.

Webalo provides direct access to the enterprise applications and data that companies already have and delivers secure, bi-directional, transactional mobile access to the enterprise-based activities that employees rely on to do their jobs. It’s 100x faster than traditional development, a fraction of the cost, simple enough for anyone to master, and powerful enough to let users work directly from their mobile devices. Webalo reduces the burden on IT, lowers overhead, extends the value of enterprise applications, and leverages the full computing power of smartphones and tablets.

For customers in a broad range of industries, Webalo provides speed, simplicity, security, scalability, and savings by, for example, giving consumer products’ company Grupo Familia access to vital SAP managed data without the complexity and coding that’s usually associated with SAP. In property management, Inland Group connects its on-the-go managers with up-to-the-minute Oracle managed data that’s essential for monitoring assets, keeping facilities maintained, and ensuring cash flow. Even in healthcare, Webalo is being used by the UK National Health Service to improve patient outcomes, enhance consultations between doctors, and ensure smooth operations.

Regardless of industry, Webalo can – in minutes – mobilize an infinite number of enterprise-based tasks, workflows, business intelligence data, and real time analytics to let employees use smartphones and tablets to work more productively and take action on-the-spot instantly.

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