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Thursday, February 13, 2014


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Our Expertise
EXPERIENCE: 50+ years of combined experience in SAP and mobile application development
SAP: Extensive experience in SAP. Knowledge of SAP functionality, customization, user experience, design, and mobile application development
PLATFORMS: Development experience in iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows environments.
MOBILE FIRST: Developing robust, secure and cost effective mobile applications.

Our Solutions
Travel & Expense Management App (TEMA): A customizable mobile application that offers SAP-based features & functionality for enterprise use. Helps improve the T & E process while enhancing the experience for end users.
Inventory Management: Improves efficiency and saves time. Provides ability to manage inventory on a real time basis. Faster processing of incoming goods (Goods Receipt). Ability to perform material reconciliation between system and actual in warehouse (Physical Count). Production teams can use purchased material on a faster basis (Goods Issued). Ability to track and monitor various documents throughout the process.
Sales Order Hub: Improves decision making and efficiency of field sales force. Helps Sales teams become more effective by allowing Sales Orders to be booked directly in the field and provide order confirmation to customer. Provides up to date Customer List, Product List and Order History for sales people on the go.
Field Services – Service Pro: ServicePro allows Field Service engineers quick access to right information at the right time, enabling faster resolution of issues and greater customer satisfaction. ServicePro is the solution for companies that need reliable, real-time mobile app to boost profitability and reputation, streamline operations, be more responsive to customers, and accomplish more quickly but with fewer errors and complaints.
Order Tracking: Improves visibility for customers on the status of their orders. Allows for bookmarking of important orders and provides ability to receive notifications on open, closed and in process orders.
Transport Status: Provides real time updates to customers on status of deliveries. App allows truck drivers to confirm or delay stops using a mobile application on their smartphone or tablet. Improves communication and helps in faster decisions and delivery.
And many more!

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