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Monday, November 18, 2013

Unwired Revolution

Unwired Revolution, a leading mobile solutions integrator, specializes in developing and implementing enterprise architectural strategies. With more than 17 years experience in mobility, our expertise and focus is on the technology and solutions designed to secure corporate assets, remotely manage devices, enable enterprise applications, and extend content to mobile workers. Unwired Revolution delivers tailored and flexible mobile solutions to organizations nationwide, in a variety of industries, including: utilities, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, and retail.

As there is no perfect technology, Unwired Revolution is often asked to create utilities and tools to round out or customize a solution for a client’s unique environment. Products DocLink and DeviceLink were developed under this premise.

Unwired DocLink is an enterprise mobile content delivery solution, which securely and effortlessly delivers content trapped behind the corporate firewall to your mobile employees, without VPN or complexity. DocLink provides access to SharePoint and other enterprise file shares on iOS and Windows 7 & 8 devices (soon Android) with an app that is consumer-friendly and enterprise-safe. Files and folders are automatically kept up to date, enabling workers to be more productive while on-the-go.

DocLink is very different from the content delivery solutions in the market – it is not a cloud-based/hosted solution and does not rely on or require content aggregation. DocLink was developed for some of our largest enterprise customers, who for security and operational reasons are not interested in placing their data in the cloud, nor are they willing to go through the exercise required by cloud-based content solutions to aggregate and maintain multiple instances of the content. The product design objective includes strong security and directory integration, support for accessing content where it resides in the environment and cross platform access.

Unwired DeviceLink provides unlimited device and app management with rapid enrollment at no cost. Ideal for small business, schools, and government agencies, DeviceLink makes it easy to gain control of Apple iOS devices. Customers only need a web browser and devices to manage to get started. An organization can literally begin managing devices in minutes.

DeviceLink satisfies the needs of small businesses that want to leverage mobile device management functions but lack the complexity to justify the cost and resources commonly associated with enterprise-oriented solutions. DeviceLink Pro has additional features including supervised features and provides a low-cost solution for organizations requiring advanced functionality and support.

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