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Friday, November 22, 2013

Mobile Identity

Mobile Identity was founded in 2001 and is leading in the field of strategy and development within social innovation and business oriented use of web and mobile technology.

Mobile Identity has developed more than 150 projects for companies in Denmark and internationally, and with more than 40 municipalities. We primarily work with welfare technology, climate and environment, citizen services, arts and culture dissemination, as well as specific industry solutions.

We engage in projects from concept development to implementation and marketing. Our innovative projects over the years have formed the basis for the formation of a number of related spin-off companies.

Today , the companies are independent parties , with independent organizations and ownership in a single digital development and media house.

Mobile Care Aps
Founded in 2003 with the innovation capital of Technological Innovation . Mobile Care developed a concept for the mobile phone for elderly people. Partners: Sonofon, Falck, Ældresagen. Mobile Care has made ​​a 2 -year study in elderly’s use of technology.

Mobile Fitness A/S
Founded in 2005 as a spin-off from the University of Copenhagen with innovation capital from CAT Innovation A/S. Mobile Fitness was founded with the stated purpose of developing a scientifically proven health program. Ownership: University of Copenhagen, Department of Human Nutrition , CAT Innovation A/S. Development Partners: 35 municipalities , Novo Nordisk, the Danish Cancer Society , Aalborg University , Nykredit , etc.

I-Guide ApS
Founded in 2008 as a spin-off from Mobile Fitness , with innovation capital from CAT Innovation A/S. I-Guide develops patient support programs in cooperation with leading knowledge institutions , pharmaceutical manufacturers, and hospitals.

CO2-Guide ApS
Founded in 2010 and developed as a joint venture project with COWI. CO2-Guide develops a digital platform to support reduction of CO2-consumption in businesses and public institutions. The platform will be efficacy measured in cooperation with municipalities in Denmark and University of Copenhagen.

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