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Friday, November 15, 2013

Impetus Technologies, Inc.

Impetus Technologies, Inc. is a leading solutions and services organization. We are focused on providing product development and advanced technology services in Enterprise Mobility, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing and Test Engineering. Impetus is a 1400-person U.S. corporation with global offices in U.S. Silicon Valley, Atlanta, New York and Washington D.C. and in three engineering centers in India. Our customers are primarily large U.S. enterprises, and ISV/SaaS companies. For these customers, Impetus has developed business-critical mobility applications and tools for multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, J2ME, etc.)

To specifically target Enterprise Mobility, Impetus has developed two products: (1) Impetus AppIT to facilitate quick development of high-performing hybrid apps, and (2) Impetus mAutomate to help organizations perform automated QA for mobile applications.

Impetus mAutomate allows organizations to test their mobile apps on multiple devices, locations and networks. Allowing classical on-premise deployment as well as cloud-based hosted options, mAutomate helps in the business-critical last mile of app development, i.e., rigorous testing that eliminates the chance factor associated with multiple OS versions, hardware configurations, device resolution variances, network variability, locational issues, etc. Designed with the unique challenges of mobile apps in mind, mAutomate automates testing in the cloud using real mobile devices – without rooting or jailbreaking – running on real provider networks. With mAutomate, testing is no longer an expensive chore, but is an active contributor to development.

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