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Thursday, November 7, 2013


TruMobi and TruJunction

The TruMobi product suite provides a framework for enterprise mobile applications, provides application distribution, solves security issues for multiple devices, and provides mobile middleware.  TruMobi  not only enables a comprehensive BYOD implementation for  enterprise implementation, but also services the end to end Enterprise Mobile needs.

Key feature sets for TruMobi:
  1. Enterprise Security at the app level by injecting binary at run time on the apps, with completely SDK independent approach and features like auto-wipe, remote wipe geo-fencing etc. gives a seamless and unique solution. This has been built taking the best practices out of Mobile Application Management(MAM) and Device Management(MDM) to enable a seamless BYOD solution for enterprises.
  2. Enterprise Ready App Templates for a white labeled or customize usage for speed to market.
  3. Enterprise Mobile Middleware with inbuilt connectors to backend systems and common public domains leveraging SoA and Rest Protocol, with remote caching of data, augmented reality and workflow features etc. This significantly cuts down time required for any development of web services for backend integration. Comes with an Information architecture admin portal to configure UX fields to the backend systems.
  4. Enterprise App life cycle management, distribution and management
Key feature sets for TruJunction middleware:
  1. Service Orchestration and Intelligent Caching - Ability to cache only the data subsets needed to support the mobile app by creating end point services such as JSON based REST API's – the TruJunction Developer package.  Business Analysts can create the APIs like Entity Diagram and Business Architects can review like UML diagrams. By this way we could create thousands of API's very quickly
  2. Dynamic Presentation Layer creation
  3. Security - Provides extra layer of security and frees up bandwidth, as mobile devices are not directly going against the Enterprise systems
  4. Rules Engine – can understand TruJunction specific domain specific logic.
Watch the short video on TruMobi -

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