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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


MobiTen provides Mobile Enterprise Solutions that are fully Integrated with your systems of record (CRM, CMS, ERP).

By capturing your content organization-wide MobiTen facilitates and streamlines processes that fuel your business.Your data is instantly available in dashboards to provide key visibility into your KPi's.

MobiTen's Pinterine is the platform that allows your content to sing!  Whether it takes its form is an App, an interactive marketing magazine, or a branded channel, our technology stands alone generating productivity gains that create competitive advantage and increase your employees value add, especially for those in the field.

MobiTen brings relevant content to your audience faster, but it's our user interface (UX Design) that makes your content sing.   No BORING Enterprise Apps.  What MobiTen creates is more than an 'App' or web service can provide. We make B to B and B to E solutions that are fun to use.

We believe these 5 critical features make MobiTen a stand out when it comes to Enterprise Apps like our Sales Automation App.  Your IT department will love us!
  1. Create your own content,  with our Mobile Content management System (called Press)  included with Pinterine
  2. Designed to work with Amazon Global Secured Cloud System for scalability and high reliability.
  3. Deploy with  Enterprise Level Mobile Management System ( MAM + MDM ) providing security on devices and across the Enterprise
  4. Built using existing and proven business module. Don't build from scratch.
  5. Integrate easily with existing backend system using Web Services API.

We bring process and workflow automation to your business with great UX design.  If you can dream it, we can build it. We are experts in mobility, call us.  Find us at

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